Grant Illuminated Signs is available to paint light poles, wall surfaces, existing cabinets, parking lot marking (we don’t do the parking lot lines, however). We offer this service as we have the lift trucks to be able to access taller structures, like light poles, that many painting service companies cannot.

We are experienced with painting using a variety of paint products and can select paint products that will meet your needs. We purchase paints from Sherwin-Williams, General Paint, Cloverdale, Matthews Paints and more.

We have an in-house paint booth for any project that is portable enough to move, in case you wish to paint a mobile product. The only think we don’t do is sandblast existing paint finishes off of materials, however, we can easily subcontract this work to a portable sandblaster or Redman’s Sandblasting in Campbell River, depending on your needs.

Grant Signs is experienced painting and refurbishing wall surfaces, particularly necessary when removing an existing neon illuminated sign, or larger wall mounted exterior illuminated sign.

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