Grant Signs has supplied lighting systems for several clients on the north island. We can supply steel post structures and the LED parking lot downlighters to replace existing 400 watt metal halide or HID lighting systems that are being used universally.

These lighting systems initially cost more than 400 watt lamp systems, but the property owner will find that the savings in electricity use will soon outweigh the difference in price.

The system shown here is the SloanLED Progressive pole mount light.

Input Voltage is 100-277VAC, 50-60Hz, 115W, 140W (8250 Lumens at 115W, 9100 Lumens at 140W). Color Temperature 5300K IP68 Water Rating, operating temperature range -30C – 70C, with an expected lifespan of 100,000 hours before LEDs dim to 70% rated output. (This is a 23 year operating lifespan with 12 hour per day operation)

The warranty on components is 5 years and warranty on labour is 1 year. If a unit fails, we quickly swap the component out for you.

Colors available are White, Black or Bronze.

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