Magnetic wall maps are a relatively new product offering that we’ve come up with. We’ve made a few sets of magnetic wall maps for customers in a range of sizes, though most of them have been large scale. The maps shown here are used to identify locations where workers are tasked, for example. These are also built so that you can apply fridge magnet material to the surface of the print, a magnetic post-it note with whatever information you wish to add.

An option that can be built into this is the use of dry erase over-laminate that would allow you to both stick magnets to the prints and write over them without fear of damage.

You can have your choice of frame style, either a finished wood frame or an anodized aluminum frame. You can also have these built in any size you wish. The one thing that is a requirement for installing them in your boardroom is that the wall surface is sufficiently strong enough to carry the weight of these panels as they are relatively heavy.

We can manufacture these & install them for you, or arrange installation. Additionally, we can produce these, crate them and have them delivered to you anywhere, for you to install.

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