Grant Signs has a 3D CNC router that can be used to machine more than sign lettering.

The router table size is just under 5′ x 9′ allowing a clean cut to be made on a 4’x8′ sheet. We can cut aluminum, plywood, plastics or foam. If you have material you want cut, we can do that for you. One of the ways this machinery is used is in cutting cabinetry, cutting doors or countertops. Another way we could help your business out is through cutting custom templates for linoleum or custom tile flooring. We would cut exact size patterns that can be laid out for your workers to follow.

We can subcontract this piece of machinery to you for operating blocks of 2, 4, 8 or more (with a night shift) hours per day, depending on your needs. The shop rate for this tool is $98/hr with discounts for bulk hour orders in a month. We can provide material to cut, or we can cut your provided materials. Feel free to contact us to discuss.

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