Grant Signs offers all of the associated project management requirements when manufacturing signage for your project.

We've provided this page as a good starting point to discuss what is needed to have a commercial sign built anywhere on Vancouver Island.
There are several things to consider when building a sign:

  • The first one is design.
    The design process for building signs is quite different than the design process for making webpages (as you can see we don't design websites) and magazine advertising. Some designs do not seem to transition well into exterior signage. We would work with you to design, and if necessary redesign, your logo to work for exterior signage. We have the expertise to work with you on color selection, logo use, and readability that you will need to make your sign the most effective advertising purchase you will ever make.

  • The second one is materials & sign type.
    We work with you to determine if you would like a channel letter sign or simply an illuminated sign cabinet. Channel letters are more expensive and are very specific as to the use you get from them, i.e. if you build a channel letter set for "COFFEE", you won't be able to repurpose that sign for "SHOES" as easily as you could an illuminated cabinet. In most cases you will probably know what you would like to see, but we can provide options for you to suit your specific needs.

Sign permits are a priority, and one that we are very experienced with. You will need a sign permit for almost every exterior sign that you are putting on your property with exceptions and exclusions that vary between municipalities. We can help you with this.

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