Grant Signs is working with BC Hydro to provide financial incentives for switching to energy-efficient products

The Product Incentive Program provides financial incentives ($12 per linear foot for LEDs to replace your fluorescent and neon lamps) to small and medium businesses to replace old inefficient technologies (T-12 and Neon lamps) with new energy efficient LED products.

    With the Product Incentive Program, your business will:

  • Save money on electricity
  • Contribute to environmental sustainability
  • Receive a financial incentive

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Grant Signs BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Program Procedure

First we take your BC Hydro account number and go to and check your eligibility. (You can do this also).

Then we determine the number of lamps and length of lamps to be replaced and the cost to upgrade to LED. We will also determine how much energy costs you will be saving by switching to LED and what your return on investment will be. Typically for a single face illuminated sign your ROI is 1-2 years, a double face illuminated sign is typically 2-3 years.

We will look after all sign and electrical permits.

When the job is complete and paid for go to and fill out the rebate form. Have your BC Hydro Account Number ready – our BC Hydro Alliance Number is 6309 and our Distributor's (Proveer) BC Hydro Alliance Number is 4442. On our invoice we will indicate how many linear feet of lamps were replaced and we will replace the lamps with top of the line LED's -


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